The Oxford Loebel Lectures and Research Programme (OLLRP) will present and review the best evidence of causal interaction between the biological, psychological, and social factors that contribute to mental illness, and philosophically analyse the conceptual relationships between them. Through a series of six Loebel lectures held over three years, excellent research, and clinical impact, our aim is to lay the ground work for a unified theoretical basis for psychiatric practice.

Further Information about the Oxford Loebel Lectures and Programme.


  • Will Davies' paper 'Social explanation in psychiatry' awarded the prestigious Jaspers Award from the Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry
  • Latest publication: Davies, W. and Roache, R., (2017) 'Reassessing biopsychosocial psychiatry', The British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol: 210(1): 3-5.  
  • 2016 Loebel Lectures by Professor Essi Viding - audio and video here.
  • Oxford Loebel Lecturer 2015, Steve Hyman, discusses categorising mental disorders on Philosophy Bites.
  • 2015 Loebel Lectures by Professor Steven E. Hyman - audio and video here
  • 2014 Loebel Lectures by Professor Kenneth S. Kendler - audio and video here.
  • 2015 Wellcome & Loebel Lecture in Neuroethics by Professor Shaun Nichols audio here and blog post here.